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Project Cost Accounting
Cost reports are prepared by the firm using Timberline cost accounting software, designed specifically for the construction industry. The firm receives all updates upon issuance.

Request for Information Log:
This log serves as an information tracking device that keeps all parties informed as to any questions requiring answers from a member of the team. The item is tracked until the answer is provided or the outstanding issue resolved.

Proposal Request Log:
The PR log provides a summary of any requested change on the project whether implemented or not. It also provides a running total of changes to date so the owner can see at a glance how changes to the project are affecting the overall budget.

Scope of Work Analysis:
The Scope of Work Analysis is written for each and every trade contractor on the project. It serves as a way of confirming the scope of work during bid evaluation and allows for consistency among the bidders. This document is used to review the scope of work during contract negotiation and is then incorporated in the trade contractors contract.

Our firm utilizes the latest version of Timberline Estimating software, which combined with On-Screen Digital Take Off capability, allows us to gain a very thorough knowledge of the project components and accurately determine material quantities. Estimates are provided in an easy to understand format utilizing the industry standard “Construction Specification Institute” schedule of values.

Our firm utilizes Primavera and MS Project scheduling software that gives us the ability to organize the trade work using the critical path method. Our intent is to keep the goals clear and keep it simple. This document is also incorporated into the sub-trade contracts. Project scheduling will also incorporate input from the sub-trades on the project. It is imperative that the subtrades buy into the schedule from the start.

Site Logistics:
A good site logistics plan is critical to the success of a project, especially if it involves working with, or in close proximity of the public. By graphically displaying how a site is to be utilized,  all parties can plan accordingly and disruption can be minimized.
Management Technology